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Durable Inddor Furniture Bamboo Stool , Bamboo Plywood

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Durable Inddor Furniture Bamboo Stool , Bamboo Plywood

Taohuajiang bamboo furniture are selected high preformance bamboo as raw material, which is produced by imported equipment and advanced technology, We are an excellent supplier of bamboo furniture, bamboo doors, bamboo kitchen utensils, bamboo bathroom cabinets, bamboo round rods, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo lighting panels, bamboo photo frames and various bamboo craft products, bamboo furniture. The product has characteristic of unique texture, environmental protection and durable. The varieties of bamboo furniture board are carbonized bamboo splice board and zebra bamboo splice board, Mosaic bamboo splice board, the structure of flat pressure bamboo board, side pressure bamboo board, I-shaped bamboo board, the product texture is beautiful, simple, natural and comfortable feeling.

Bamboo furniture board with many advantages:

Bamboo has excellent physical and mechanical performance, including of high compression resistance, strong bending resistance,high tensile strength,air shrinkage advantages. Eco-friendly and sustainable, The glue used in material making is lower than E1 international standard and the bamboo for mature only takes 5-6 years. It can be made in bamboo furniture, cupboard bamboo, bathroom bamboo flooring, bamboo handicrafts, sports equipment.

Product NameBamboo stool
Surface finishNatural / Carbonized
TypeBamboo plywood
UsageFurniture/Living room/indoor decoration



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