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High Density Carbonized Bamboo Decking Flooring With Small Ripple

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High Density Carbonized Bamboo Decking Flooring With Small Ripple

THJ outdoor bamboo decking is a carbonized, strand woven bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo fibers. A unique patented technology of deep carbon anti-corrosion provides THJ bamboo decking with the highest durability class to compliance with the EU safety standards and the compression promotes the stability  and hardness. At the same time it has the characteristics of environmental protection and beauty, high strength,anti-corrosion, fireproof and anti-slip, no deformation and no carcking, etc. Another special feature of THJ outdoor bamboo is the end-match system, it can be connected an unlimited number of boards lengthways and  this can only be done with very stable materials. THJ bamboo decking boards are available with different  surfaces: big wave, small ripple, double wave, small groove and no groove. It is suitable for outdoor application. such as garden, park, swimming pool, balcony, patio, terrace, square, commercial buildings and any outdoor environment.

Test item



Fire resistance classB-s1, d0

EN 13501-1 :2018


UV exposureGrade 4

ISO 4892-3:2016


Moisture rate


Expansion rate or water absorption


Formaldehyde release0.001mg/M3
Swelling in thickness after immersion in water0.20%EN317:1993
Determination of resistance8.61N/mm2EN1534-2010
Flexural test12900Mpa

EN ISO 178:2010/Amd.1 :2013 Method A

Specific Gravity

1.14ASTM D2395-07 Method A
Light Ageing Test-UV ExposureGrey scale 3-4

ISO 4892-3:2016 Cycle 1 & ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2 :2005

Slip resistanceSRV “dry” =74CEN/TS 15676:2007
Durability testrefer to file

CEN/TS 15083-1 :2005; durability Classification according to EN 350:2016

Resistance to indentation150MPaTest method: EN 1534: 2020


25 years

Maintenance manual:

1. Clean up the ground trash soil (such as water washing need to wait for the floor to dry after the next step), and prepare the floor wire brush, sanding machine, floor protection oil, floor shine oil and other tools.

2. Clean the ground,  prepare wire brush, sander, polishing machine, protecting oil, etc.(if clean with water, please make sure the ground is dry before the next step)

3. The floor is sanded with a wire brush to clean the surface layer of softened and decomposed varnish.

4. Please sand the decking with wire brush and clear the paint film on the surface.

5. Rinse off the paint film and dirt that comes off the surface of the panel after sanding with water.

6. Please clean the surface of the decking with water.


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