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Carbonized Indoor Laminated Bamboo Board For Wall Decoration

Product Details

Carbonized Indoor Laminated Bamboo Board For Wall Decoration

THJ bamboo plywood is a solid, laminated bamboo board that consists of mutiple layers of bamboo. THJ Bamboo Panels are available in multiple variations with respect to size, thickness, configuration, style and colour. A unique heat treatment process provides Bamboo Panels excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness and wear resistance and high stability. It can be used for furniture, cabinet, worktops, skateboards, staircases, decorations etc.  Futhermore, bamboo has natural and beautiful texture, fresh and natural bamboo fragrance, and the traditional Chinese bamboo culture, which is a ecological substitute for wooden and beams boards.

Product Details:

Common size: 2000/2900/5800x139x18MM  (size can be customized)

Thickness: from 4mm to 70mm

Color: Carbonized color

Surface: Outdoor Water Based Coating

Density: +/-680-750kg/m3

Moisture rate: 7%-12%

Grade: E0

Certificate: ISO/SGS/ITTC

Features:  Eco-friendly / High density/ High intensity/ Elegant/ Termites resistance

Used for : Furniture, Ceiling, Wall decoration

OEM and customization acceptable

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