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Furniture Bedroom Bamboo Cupboard / Cabinet With Drawers

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Furniture Bedroom Bamboo Cupboard / Cabinet With Drawers

Taohuajiang bamboo is selected high-quality bamboos as raw materials, after strict color selection with pieces, high temperature cooking, high pressure carbonization, constant temperature drying, desugar, fully carbonization and insecticidal sterilization treatment, while the bamboo strips are glued and pressed to form bamboo squares and bamboo boards, that is a high-quality cabinet bamboo.

Taohuajiang bamboo cupboard has many advantages as follows:

1. Natural environmental protection, from nature: bamboo can adjust indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays and resist static electricity, which is beneficial to human health. In particular, after the cabinet bamboo board is deeply carbonized, the processed bamboo cabinet door will not change color for a long time, and it can better absorb indoor harmful gases.

2. High-temperature cooking, three-proof treatment: Thoroughly sterilized by high-temperature cooking, which is different from traditional bamboo craftsmanship, and fundamentally prevents moth-eaten, mildew. Strict control of high pressure and moisture content, and scientific technology such as crisscross arrangement of bamboo strips ensure that the bamboo cabinet door is not easy to crack and deformation. 

3. Fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant: Bamboo with natural, elastic, moisture-proof and high hardness advantages, The cabinet bamboo board made bold breakthrough in style and design. On the basis of retaining the streamlined shape of the traditional bamboo cabinet door, while integrated of Chinese classical furniture elements, realizing the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection.

4. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, wooden furniture is not only unfavorable for environmental protection, but also the price is getting higher and higher. on the contrary, Bamboo cabinets are environmentally friendly and reliable in texture, which will definitely become an inevitable trend of furniture in the future.


Taohuajiang cabinet bamboo board is a scientific superposition of finely milled sheets, and is assembled into boards of different specifications with eco-friendly glue under high temperature and high pressure. After fumigation at a high temperature of 100 degrees, three atmospheres of high pressure carbonization, desugar degreasing, insecticidal moth-proofing, no cracking, no deformation and high stability. The width and thickness of bamboo board can be customized according to customer requirements. Natural bamboo board is selected fresh bamboo as raw material, after boiling water at high temperature, fully precipitate sugar and fat in the main material, and the insecticidal and sterilization treatment, to a large extent to ensure the primary color of bamboo.

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