What Are The Ancient And Modern Applications Of Bamboo

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For roof terraces, more and more people begin to use it as a leisure area or plan it as a new living space. Whether in a hotel or office, or in a residential building, bamboo decking decoration is very suitable. If you are considering bamboo decking, there are some aspects worth noting in the choice

China has been known the excellent quality of bamboo since ancient times. The ancients used bamboo to make books, chairs, tables, mats, beds, baskets, bamboo rafts, bows and arrows and other various production, life, military and cultural items from bamboo. Honored as “kingdom of bamboo”, from the ancient poet Su Dongpo exclamation that "I would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo", we can see the important position of bamboo products in the production and life of the ancients. With the development of bamboo processing technology in modern society, bamboo is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration such as furniture, flooring, doors and Windows, as well as daily necessities, handicrafts, sporting equipments and other fields. Bamboo can be used in every field where wood can be applied. In addition, bamboo has great strength, specific stiffness is exceed to steel. It has the characteristics of light weight and strong structural force, which makes it developing in the direction of being applied to villas, bridges and large-scale building structural materials.For example, the Mobius Ring, which is 38 meters long, 17 meters wide and 8 meters high, was designed by Tsinghua University for the Hunan Government Pavilion of the Expo 2010 Shanghai.Bamboo products are favoured by high-end designer , which are widely used in the field of high-end decoration. Such as the floors of office building of the Nike, Germany and the IBM Europe, the floor of the lounge of the Italian Crown Prince, the ceiling of the international airport of the Spanish capital Madrid, the interior decoration of the Clinton Library of the United States, as well as the interior parts of Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars and so on. Bamboo products will have huge development space in the future.